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About Our Security Audit Tool

Our tool helps you secure your Windows system by performing a comprehensive check for updates, open ports, antivirus status, firewall status, and insecure services.
It also checks the network for malicious IP addresses and malicous files currently running.
Both the malicous IP and malicous file lists are hosted and managed by our team.
It provides detailed results and recommendations to enhance your system's security.

The Webb Diverse Management Security Audit Tool is designed for both individual users and IT professionals, offering an easy-to-use interface and thorough diagnostics.


About Webb Security Audit Tool author

Hello, I'm the one man team behind the Webb Security Audit Tool, as well as other pieces of software I release for free over on webbfreesoftware.xyz. As a single father and seasoned software developer with over 22 years of experience with code, I've embraced my history in cyber security to provide this free tool to the world. Contace me at [email protected], support our mission, and help us keep our security software free and accessible for everyone.

If you do get security assistance through the app, that help will be coming from a company I own, meaning the same quality of service and insight.